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God, Golf and Girls 2024


    And He raised us up together with Him [when we believed], and seated us with Him in the heavenly places, [because we are] in Christ Jesus, Ephesians 2:6AMP

    Get ready for GGG 2024! Georgia Christian Business Network and God’s People Ministry, Inc. invite you to a weekend experience where you will have an encounter with Godconnect with other women, and have fun on the golf course!







    Georgia Christian Business Network and God’s People Ministry, Inc.’s 9th Annual God, Golf and Girls (GGG) Weekend Conference theme is The Year of Higher Ground. GGG provides a unique 3-day experience for women entrepreneurs and professionals in three areas: Therapeutic, Transformational and Triumphant. Our attendees have the opportunity to glean from top-notch, sought after, keynote speakers and presenters who possess a wealth of business acumen; connect with dynamic women leaders from diverse backgrounds; experience the love of the Father exemplified through the multiple acts of kindness showered on each participant; and participate in powerful prayer and worship. Our weekend guests will enjoy five tasty meals. Spa therapy and other amenities are available at the venue. 

    We will have a Professional Golf Enthusiast present to facilitate an on-site golf clinic on Saturday, providing attendees with fundamental knowledge that will ready each for the golf course! Thereafter, an opportunity will be presented to immediately practice the techniques and apply the learning while playing golf (golf equipment will be provided or attendees may elect to bring their own).

    This unique, talk of the town conference is well-attended. The networking opportunities are astounding. Premium vendors display their resources throughout the weekend. Portions of the proceeds of this event provide an annual contribution to our GCBN Community Partners comprised of multiple, notable, non-profit charitable organizations. 

    You are sure to leave GGG rejuvenated, uplifted and inspired to fulfill all that God has for you! The weekend is purposefully filled with excitement, encouragement and empowering occasions, focused on impacting each guest to realize a life-transforming experience! 


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    • Refreshing, Renewing and Inspiring!
    • It is always inspiring, informative and a whole bunch of like-minded, kind, courageous and purposeful women.
    • If I could describe my GGG experience I would say it was restorative. I had silently opted out of attending Women's Conferences. They all seemed the same. Same agenda, different name. But GGG was not the same. It was so clearly rooted in God. The women were so warm and welcoming. The level of detail was evident. I loved being able to golf for the first time. That was definitely different from other events. GGG restored my openness to attend Christian women's conferences/events.
    • It has been enriching, affirming, and encouraging to be working, learning, playing and contributing with brothers and sisters in Christ!
    • It was a pure encounter with God that was lead by an amazing team, with only one agenda, for every women to experience God at another level.
    • It was life changing for me. I was encouraged, replenished, refueled, refocused and truly edified. It is an experience not only with God but an elevating and empowering experience.
    • It is an amazing weekend full of speakers, presenters and women really experiencing fellowship with one another and the Lord. I was filled up!
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    We have multiple sponsorship levels available this year. All levels include recognition and visibility opportunities. We also have mailing list, advertisement and promotion opportunities and additional benefits! Email our marketing director for more information:


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